ChâteauMargo, a multi-faceted cultural organization led by Margo C. Grace, has a strong local base and creates cultural and community events that are accessible to all with the intention of providing access to education in diverse and unique fields.

Margo Clara Grace, the Artistic Director of ChâteauMargo, is a native New Orleanian (formerly Margo Grace Newburger Chapman), who happily settled in Austin following a major Hurricane to her hometown of New Orleans in 2005. Margo has worked globally, namely in Japan, France, Germany, Italy, as well as parts of "X-Yugoslavia" (Slovenia, Serbia, Croatia).

As a longtime resident of the United Kingdom, Margo is deeply involved with European culture and still holds strong ties to the artists she worked with across the continent (as well as the globe) during the time she lived in London (1988-2004).

With a team of volunteers, Margo showcases local food, art and music to the world and in turn brings the world's art and culture to Austin. It is essential for ChâteauMargo to have a stable venue for culture in it's many forms and Margo's current home in the Hyde Park neighborhood functions well in the tradition of a 'Salon'.

Margo has been providing housing and community for visitors to the Capital City from near and far at her home in Austin for several years. ChâteauMargo aims to provide a nurturing environment to promote educational opportunities and sustainable growth for artists, chefs, performers, academics, students, scholars and educators of all ages and all persuasions, both known and unknown. Margo genuinely enjoys hosting. To give you an example, one of her first guests, a post-doc from Galicia, is Godfather to her son!

Previously, upon a return to her hometown of New Orleans, Margo was concentrating on work from the Southern USA as well as Mexico, in particular the States that border the Gulf of Mexico: Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Georgia and Florida. While focusing on these locales, Margo produced "Virgo Rising" for the annual event in October titled "Art for Arts Sake” at her temporary art station ChâteauMargo on Julia Street in one of the thirteen sisters buildings in the historic arts district of New Orleans and exhibited work by more than 20 artists. When she moved to Austin in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, Margo set up another temporary space: Gallery Coco, near downtown Austin on West Avenue and focused more deeply on new artists in Texas.

Margo often hosts intimate and spontaneous events, for example, in her very small studio in the Clarksville neighborhood (just one mile from the Capital Building), Margo hosted the festive event HARVEST, to honor of the moon, women, celestial bodies, the earth, agriculture and cats! Each event has purpose and these events are made with the intention of fortifying community.

Having worked full time as Program Coordinator for the EDGER Forum at the University of Texas at Austin for the past decade, Margo feels her work with the Jackson School of Geosciences provides her with more engagement in the Earth Sciences, which is connected to her work as an artist and environmentalist. Margo is looking for a new challenge at UT and is interested in a variety of programs that will enhance her diverse work experience and allow her to make more substantial contributions. Namely the following three programs: